Stripping down my bloated app into just one feature.

SEOTrack tried to do too much, and in the process neglected it's core feature, and worse, promoted the other features more. This is about re-focussing on the core feature.

Been doing a lot of customer feedback emails the last few days.

SEOTrack offers two main things for SEOs - i.e. tracking web performance (error monitoring + web speed/performance), and tracking SEO changes (comparing SEO changes with organic traffic around the same time)

Over the last 4 weeks, around 200 businesses enquired on SEOTrack, and 40 of them used it properly for more than 2 weeks. Of those 40, majority of them have left mainly because they compared SEOTrack to other error monitoring / site audit tools like Ahrefs and found SEOTrack lacking as an error monitoring tool.

The ones who stayed, stayed mainly because of change logs. Inside change logs, SEOTrack offers quite a few things - but the one which was most valuable was tracking page-level SEO changes, and seeing how those changes affected the traffic to the page.

I started SEOTrack as a change monitoring tool - but I kept adding more and more features and slowly it moved from a change monitoring tool to an error monitoring to an SEO performance monitoring tool. It tried to do too much, and in the process neglected it's core feature, and worse, promoted the other ones more. I did this because I wasn't confident in doing just one thing - thought that adding more and more, will please more customers. Definitely got lost with feature bloat.

So, I've decided to strip everything else from the app - except the one thing which is working with a few customers. 

This is a big call. I'll have less to offer - but the one thing I offer definitely adds value to the customer. Going to spend most of today and tomorrow making this change. Will then test this version again with 200 businesses and then change and adapt based on the response.

For our current users, apologies for not giving you access the dashboard for the next 2 days. I am making these changes, and will email you as soon as it is done.

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