Get more clicks from Google without building a link

Here’s the bottom line: Many websites are still stuck in older practices of keyword optimization. Their pages are not optimized for targeting a wide range of keywords. The title tags are not written for one main keyword, and one-or-two long tail keywords. They don’t describe accurately what the page is about.. It's written for search engines, instead of humans.

Ask yourself...

When was the last time you spent time improving your website's organic click-through-rate (CTR) on Google? Or spent time writing good custom meta tags. Have you ever looked at your title tags to see how it differentiates you from your organic competitors?

Do you know which of your keyword + landing page combinations have the lowest click through rates on your website? Are any of your pages ranking for keywords - despite not optimising for it? Do you have pages with poorly optimised meta tags that is hurting your traffic?

Have you measured how much of an impact your SEO on-page changes has on your organic traffic? Have you identified pages that aren’t being clicked as much as they should for their given rank? Are your pages optimised to target the widest range of keywords?

On-page SEO tags have more potential (and SEO value) than most people realize.

Without optimising on-page SEO, you could be leaving atleast 20% or more improvements in your website traffic on the table. Ahrerfs recently published a study which showed that improving title tags resulted in 37% increase in their website traffic!

Each page on your website ranks for many keywords. Some of those keywords you would have intentionally targeted (by using them in page titles, meta descriptions, h1 header tags etc) - and some other keywords you will be ranking well - even though you didn't optimize your page for that.

Find these missing keywords and actively include them in the respective page. By doing this, you are increasing the relevance of the page for each missing keyword, and it will therefore result in more traffic to your website.

Improve your website traffic by 20-40% by doing the following:

  • Optimizing low performing pages on your website
  • Adding missing keywords (adjacent + long tail keywords)
  • Improving Schema Markups on high ranking pages
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